We are Culturoid

Culturoid is a group of talented people working in the creative industry. We organize and collaborate on several artistic initiatives with public institutions and private actors. Our flagship project is a self-initiated graphic design festival that takes place every year in Madrid, Brief Festival. Imagined in 2013 and launched in 2014, Brief Festival is now a reference in Madrid, Spain, and Europe. Over the past 4 editions, we have gathered more than 150 artists and studios from all the fields of the graphic creation.

Brief Festival

Brief Festival 2018: Λóγος, knowledge and creativity

Across our society and even more in our industry, when we talk about logos, we are thinking about logotypes, the visual representation of brands, products and companies. However, in this edition of Brief we will discuss the Ancient Greek concept of lógos, a concept with more than 30 translations like “ground”, “plea”, “opinion”, “expectation”, “word”, “speech”, …

Brief Festival 2014

The first edition of Brief Festival took place on October 2nd to 4th, 2014. During those 3 days we hosted 8 conferences, 3 workshops, 1 exhibition and 1 screening. This was the start of a great story, made possible by the participation of talented creatives such a Pepe Cruz Novillo, Jörn Grosshans, Serial Cut, Clara Montagut, Michel Bouvet…


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