Exhibition: Noir, Blanc, Couleur in collaboration w/ French Embassy in Spain and Spanish French Institut/ Location: Galerie du 10 / Institut Français Madrid / Year: 2016

With participation of… Tyrsa, Jean Jullien, Violaine et Jérémy, Broll & Prascida, Lara Costafreda, Iván Solbes, Sissi Briche and Joan Tarragó

Choosing between colour, black and white is an essential position for an illustrator. This exhibition offers a dive into the universe of 9 French and Spanish artists who share a unique point of view on this artistic choice.

Are black and white colours? This is an eternal debate where the answer is entirely subjective to the artist. Illustration as a visual form of expression cannot escape this issue. Trends have constantly fluctuated between colour, black and white throughout history, depending on the dominant production technique: writing on papyrus, illuminations, engraving … up to the endless palette of techniques that exist today.

The “Noir, Blanc, Couleur” exhibition is an opportunity to observe the techniques and artistic choices made by contemporary French and Spanish illustrators, all of whom have particular relationships with colour or black and white.